A contested divorce does not necessarily mean a nasty and expensive trial. It means you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement on your own. You might reach an amicable settlement through mediation or negotiation. You might need a judge to break an impasse or rule on a few sticky issues. Or, yes, you could end up in full-fledged litigation.

In or out of court, a contested divorce requires a strategic and aggressive divorce lawyer. The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers protect your interests and positions you for the most favorable outcome. We’re the divorce law firm that strives for creative and practical resolutions to these complex and emotional issues, backed by courtroom experience if your contested divorce goes to trial.

The Law Offices Of Teresa Beyers Experienced Counsel For California Divorce

Los Angeles lawyer Teresa Beyers practices exclusively in divorce and family law, serving clients in the San Fernando Valley and throughout Los Angeles County. She understands the head-spinning decisions and disputes that clients face, especially when children are involved. She can proactively address every facet of a contested divorce, which may involve:

Contested Divorce Attorney Los Angeles

Personalized Attention And Individualized Solutions

Do you know what you want from divorce? Are you worried that your spouse will not play fair? Are you nervous about the prospect of going to court? Divorce is a daunting process. Los Angeles contested divorce attorney Teresa Beyers will help you develop goals and priorities so that you go into contested proceedings with confidence and purpose. At every stage, she will offer honest advice and strong legal advocacy.

Attorney Beyers reserves at least two days a week to spend time with clients and strives to offer a relaxing atmosphere to discuss these important and intensely private matters. We offer a free initial phone consultation and can meet clients after hours and on weekends by appointment

Call 213-785-7873 or 800-488-4850 (toll free), or contact us online for a trusted divorce lawyer in Los Angeles, CA.

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