The police and the courts take domestic violence very seriously. They will act quickly to protect victims from further harm, by way of court orders and by physically removing the offender from the premises.

— If you have experienced domestic violence or fear for the safety of yourself or your children, The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers stands ready to advocate for you. We will help you obtain an emergency protective order and advocate for you in legal proceedings to keep you safe and hold the abuser accountable.

— If you are unfairly accused of family violence, our experienced attorney can provide the legal advocacy you need. Allegations of a pattern of abusive behavior or an incident of domestic violence can have a major impact on divorce and custody proceedings.

Experienced Representation For Domestic Violence And Related Issues Of California Family Law

Domestic violence can refer to physical contact such as a punch, slap, kick or shove. It can also refer to verbal threats of violence, threatening gestures, harassment, and stalking. If police are summoned, the accused will typically be arrested and detained overnight. While the person is in jail, the victim can file for an ex parte restraining order.

Domestic Violence Attorney Los Angeles
  • The accused person will not be allowed to return to the residence upon release from jail.
  • The restraining order will also prevent the accused from having any contact with the victim or with his or her children.
  • If criminal charges of assault are filed, that person may face jail, a
  • criminal record and other
  • consequences.
  • Under California Family Code, a domestic violence conviction can nullify spousal support; a victim cannot be forced to financially support his or her abuser.
  • A parent accused of violence in the presence of children will have an uphill battle in family court proceedings to obtain co-custody or even unsupervised visitation.

At The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers, we know that there are two sides to the story and that sometimes spouses or partners have a motive to manipulate events or exaggerate the danger. We offer legal counsel to both the abused and the accused to protect their safety and their rights as the legal process plays out.

The Law Offices Of Teresa Beyers Is Here To Help

You should not hesitate to call the police if you have been assaulted or threatened with violence. You should not hesitate to call attorney Teresa Beyers for experienced legal representation.

Our Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer practices in family law throughout Greater Los Angeles. We offer a free initial phone consultation and after-hours and weekend appointments.

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