A parent wishing to move out of state with a child must notify the other parent and obtain permission from the court. The judge will consider the motive for relocation and whether it is in the best interests of the child. You need experienced legal representation from professional parental relocation attorneys to protect your parental rights and what’s best for your son or daughter.

The Law Offices of Teresa Beyers represent parents on both sides of this complex and emotional situation. Our Los Angeles family law attorney will counsel you in parenting plan negotiations or vigorously state your case in a contested relocation hearing. We serve clients in the San Fernando Valley and throughout Los Angeles County.

Child Custody Move-away Disputes

The family courts will listen when the reason for relocation is a good job, a family support system, or a more stable home for the child. If the parent is moving because of a new love interest or merely on a whim or the hopes of a job, the petition may be denied. If the judge doubts the child’s best interests would be served, a custody evaluator will investigate and make a recommendation to the court.

As an experienced courtroom lawyer, Teresa Beyers knows that you never know. The court may give the relocating parent the benefit of the doubt, or it may decide that the child should stay in California. She urges clients to negotiate the terms of an agreement if possible — you know your child’s best interests better than any judge.

If the court grants parent-and-child relocation, the custody order and perhaps child support will need to be modified. We can help revise the parenting plan, including the visitation schedule, holidays and summer break, travel expenses, and daily contact between the child and noncustodial parent.

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